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Practical solutions to global problems
From improving citizen-state relations in Pakistan to developing  systemic pro-poor change in Nigeria, Coffey works with global governments and other partners to tackle complex development projects and to deliver results that create positive change in people’s lives.

 Our teams specialise in designing and implementing projects in the areas of governance, security and justice and economic growth, while our in-house evaluation and research experts measure the effectiveness of development aid throughout the world and equip organisations and our programmes with high quality, tailored monitoring and evaluation systems. 

From our European offices in the UK and Poland, we oversee more than 110 Projects in 25 countries, drawing on our regional offices and wide base of local partners to develop solutions that are appropriate, effective and sustainable for local contexts. 

We drive large, complex, global projects

We deliver some of our clients’ largest projects in our service areas. We work with our extensive client and partner networks to design and deliver effective programmes and develop the human and technical infrastructure for project implementation at the highest levels.  

projects managed by Coffey

We build solutions in challenging places

In 2016 we deployed more than 600 people to many of the world’s most challenging countries and regions. Our duty of care has built a committed safety culture. We ensure all employees and partners operate safely and constantly review and improve our safety behaviour and processes. Our systems are tailored to environment, threat, and task. We examine each project’s specific challenges and provide customised mitigation measures that facilitate delivery while effectively and efficiently minimising the risk to our people.

We deliver for people and countries

We accomplish our clients’ aims while creating real human impact, through safer communities, business opportunities and efficient public services. We maximise the impact of each pound spent.Value for money is built into all our work, through cost reduction measures, local capacity building and results-based approaches. We regularly benchmark our fee rates to keep in line with the market and to provide our clients with the best project teams at the most competitive rates. 

We are experienced, informed & international

Our people think ahead – looking at how the work of today builds into the programming of tomorrow – and we work with clients and partners to deliver strong and effective programmes. Our project managers and business development specialists in London and Warsaw provide industry-leading planning and oversight. Our project delivery teams around the world offer both the technical knowledge and the nuanced diplomacy needed to succeed in each political and cultural context.

“GEMS4 has inspired me because it has shown me various opportunities to move forward. It has exposed me to businesses that I can also get into, including micro retailing opportunities”

- Ummulkhair Sura, participant in the LGA Dissemination event in Kano

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