Digital Innovation

Technology has the potential to be transformational for development programming, ambition and impact. 
We are committed to exploring all opportunities to use digital technology to achieve even better outcomes for the programmes we work on. We consider all options for digital innovation – whether working with partners or developing our own solutions, like the Cosmos app – if it means building economies, improving security and raising the quality of life for the countries in which we work. 
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A mobile data solution
for all environments
Cosmos is a digital data collection platform that uses the power, flexibility and scalability of cloud technology to collect and visualise data from anywhere in the world.

It can gather accurate and consistent data and survey results from some of the most inaccesible parts of the world. Anyone with the app on their smartphone or tablet (Android or Windows) can input data and photos that are then fed into real-time dashboards for processing, analysis and adaptive programming.

Cosmos works areas of little or no Internet connectivity - storing information for uploading when connectivity is restored - and its GPS capability pinpoints each data entry location with accuracy down to the metre.

Developed by IT specialists at Coffey, A Tetra Tech Company, Cosmos was built to serve the needs of its monitoring, evaluation and research teams and has been deployed in countries including Afghanistan, Nigeria, Laos and Zimbabwe.
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Every data point is automatically tagged with geographical identification metadata
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Multi-language support enables surveys to be designed in any language
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Data security
All data is protected with built-in encryption technology
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Capable of capturing data offline in areas with no internet connectivity
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Conditional logic
Built-in conditional logic includes branching, skip, piping and looping
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Integrated photographs
Photographs are automatically linked to the survey data
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Real-time data point visualisation and mapping through an easy to use web portal
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Case follow-up ensures the same people are interviewed during ongoing monitoring projects
Real-time updates
All data collected using the Cosmos app -  including photographs - is uploaded to user-friendly web portals, which use Google’s mapping technology to visualise data in real time as it is synchronised from the field. Every piece of data is automatically tagged with geographical identification metadata including GPS coordinates, date and time, speed, course, altitude and accuracy using the mobile devices’ built-in GPS hardware. 

These updates allow us to response much more quickly to what our clients what, while giving them the opportunity to make adaptive programming decisions based on accurate and up-to-date evidence.
Rigorous security 
Security of our clients’ data is of the utmost importance, so we designed Cosmos to use advanced encryption standards to ensure all data is stored and synchronised securely, making tampering with data virtually impossible.
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